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6M-Power said:
Now i've got a new problem, well two problems. The fuse keeps blowing and my car just overheated tonight on the way home from walmart. This may sound like a stupid question, but can a faulty alternator cause the car to overheat? Since, i installed my stereo (consists of two amps) the alt has been acting weird. I know i need to replace it with something bigger but i disconnected the power wire from the amps at the battery.
Does the fuse blow quickly or does it take some time? Does it blow just when the stereo is powered on? Does it blow just when the parking/driving lights are turned on? Does it blow just when the lighter is pushed in? Does it blow just when the brake is applied? OR does it blow when all these are operating simultaneously? OR does it blow immediately when you turn the key to ACC/ON?

Try each one individually and that will help to trace the culprit. Where do you have the stereo wired? If a lot of the stereo pieces are tapped into that one circuit you may be overloading that circuit. I wouldn’t believe a bad ground to the amps would cause fuse to blow, though I may be wrong. I would think that a bad ground would simply cause the amps to cut off. A not-so-good ground may also cause them to run a little hot and eventually blow the fuse on the amp itself but not the a fuse associated with the car.

You said the trouble light under the hood had some chard wire. That’s a definite sign of a short to ground. What wire was charred, the wire plugging into the back of the trouble light assembly or was it the coil of wire on the back of the light? Try unplugging the small harness on the back of the trouble light assembly AND unplug the hood pin switch. Does that cure the popping fuse? I can’t recall off hand where the trouble light gets it’s power, I’d have to look at my electrical manual, but the fried wire is a sure sign of trouble within that system.

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