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Dash removal

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Well, I've finally had it with the #@#%@#%@#%!%$! wiring job the previous owner did on my car, so it looks like I'm going to be pulling apart the everthing from the console forward and rewiring it... AARRRHH :mad:
Is there any good guides for both dissambly(sp) and wiring of this area (the gauges are fine, I did that myself a week ago, but the rest needs help)?

PS, anybody have any idea why a car stereo would stay on after the key and anti-theft faceplate have been removed? I figure its just finally dying (its about 7-8 years old), but still, it just came out of the blue... not acting funny until yesterday.
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Whenever I take apart a dash here is what I do:

1) get a legal pad, a pen, and a roll of masking tape.
2)As you disassemble, tape the screws together on the pad and write down where they came from.
3)If you have different sizes of screws coming out of the same part, make a drawing of the part with "X"'s where the screws go and tape the real screw next to it's "X" on the map.
4) put little tape "Flags" on each end of a disconnected electrical plug with the same number or letter ("A" goes to "A", "B" goes to "B" etc)

These steps were learned the hard way, and it requires patience to write down everything, but I have not ended up with "Spare parts" when I am finished when I use this method.
wow square that takes a lot of discipline...i just through every screw in one spot and disconnect everything and then just through it back together.....but i haven't removed the whole maybe i should get some discipline
What, and miss out on the fun of ending the job with a couple extra screws? What's the fun in that?

Seriously, though, I agree with anything big its worth the time (I'm restoring most of the interrior anyway, so I've been doing this anyway

How much of the dash are you removing??? The entire thing????

DO YOU HAVE A TSRM at home??? (sorry, I can't begin to tell you how many times I asked this on the list... :mad: ). If not, BORROW ONE, OR ORDER A REPRODUCTION ONE!!!!!! :mad:

The TSRM will tell you, in the "body" section, the correct order to remove everything, and it will also show SEVERAL diagrams on where all of the screws are located, that need to come out.

There are at LEAST 2 dozen steps to follow, in order to get the entire dash out. Needless to say, I'm not in the mood to list all of them.. 8) However, I will list some of the things that do need to come out. Basically, you will be working from the bottom UPWARDS.... Upper & lower console's, on the drivers side, in order: the black plastic under dash panel, the lower dash panel (that is the same color as the dash), the steering column covers, the instrument cluster hood, the instrument cluster itself. Passenger side: The black plastic lower dash panel (that the crappy "OE subwoofer" is attached to), the lower dash panel that is below the glovebox, the glovebox door, the glovebox itself, the bracket that holds in the ECU. You'll need to remove BOTH of your A-pillar trim pads, and both of the windshield defroster vents (more hidden screws). As the upper dash comes loose, the last thing that you'll need to do, is unplug the wire connector for the ambient light sensor that is on the upper right side of the upper dash pad.

If this is your first time removing the dash assembly, GET A COPY OF THE TSRM and follow the instructions!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that you will not need to remove (that is in the instructions) is the steering wheel.

I have removed at least 10 dashboards in the last year & 1/2, and I just did my most recent one last week for Scott Hamons (Marblebeer). I'm now at the point, where I know all of the screws are located & I can have a entire dashboard out in about 45 - 60 minutes.
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I do have a copy of the TSRM for the '86, don't remember there being any big changes between that and an '85 (weren't they the same car since Toyota was stalling until the Mk III was ready?)

I'll actually finish pulling the dash apart when I find out which roommate took my 10mm rachet (since I've described it as THE tool for working on my car, I think one of them thought it would be funny). Out of curiosity, anybody want pics of a torn apart dash. I know its not a hugely appealing thing, but since I'm going to have it apart anyway...
funny). Out of curiosity, anybody want pics of a torn apart dash. I know its not a hugely appealing thing, but since I'm going to have it apart anyway...
Already been done!
Wow, that website looks like my resto car, I have some other pics incase anyone needs them. [/quote]
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