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Whenever I take apart a dash here is what I do:

1) get a legal pad, a pen, and a roll of masking tape.
2)As you disassemble, tape the screws together on the pad and write down where they came from.
3)If you have different sizes of screws coming out of the same part, make a drawing of the part with "X"'s where the screws go and tape the real screw next to it's "X" on the map.
4) put little tape "Flags" on each end of a disconnected electrical plug with the same number or letter ("A" goes to "A", "B" goes to "B" etc)

These steps were learned the hard way, and it requires patience to write down everything, but I have not ended up with "Spare parts" when I am finished when I use this method.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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