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Am curious as to what the other side looks like... From the picture, it looks like it's just the vinyl skin & not much else. Am wondering how you graft some of the other reinforcements onto it????

OKAY... Now this has me curious.... On the top of the dash & inside the 2 windshield defroster openings, there should be at least 2 - 3 dash reinforcements shown in plastic. At 2 of these locations, there should be 2 screw holes where the top part of the dash attaches to the metal frame reinforcement on the interior. These are the very LAST 4 screws that I unscrew, before the upper dashpad comes loose from the interior (and before I unplug the light sensor on the top right).

(After having pulled 8 different upper dash pads for various members on the Yahoo list, I'm VERY familar w/ what the upper dash pad looks like, on both sides.)

BTW Skip, yeah I still need to get my act together & send you your dash pad. I need to get it packed & boxed. Please slap me silly if you are going to be needing it ASAP. :shock: :oops:
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