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Hey all, new here.
Dean Castillo from NJ
1985 Toyota Supra 7M-GTE

A little backstory- This was my dads car. As a kid I was always mesmerized by the amount of time and effort he put into the car. The dedication and innovation to make things work was admirable. I loved the car but more so the master mind behind it all.

In August of 2012, my dad planned a fishing trip. He woke me up in the morning to come with him. I woke up to that rich smell of gas and a bunch of fishing gear in the car. We took the Supra to his favorite fishing spots. I remember we were on the way to the beach and it was hot. I asked him if we can turn the ac on. He replied with “AC? Sure” and rolled the windows down :D it was the best day ever with him. Truly felt at peace- the true definition of happiness was with him
Unfortunately, that day we lost him due to a severe lightning storm. The storm came over us in a blink of an eye. One second it was sunny and the next the clouds turned grey. Just felt unsettling.
It‘s upsetting because the best day of my life also was the worst day of my life. Since then I took over from where he left off.

Before I go any further I would like to give thanks to Joseph Shantz, Damon Saul, and Charlie Yang. Joseph can tell you about how much I picked his brain. He is truly the nicest guy I’ve met. He is a humble person that never once hesitated to help me. Lots of inspiration came from his build. I got the chance to meet Damon. He helped me pick a machine shop and let me test out one of his clutches. I am now running one in my car. Charlie helped with all the tech stuff. Other alternatives to problems. All of them are genuine people that I know my dad would’ve shared a Corona with. They are probably not frequent on the forums but I wanted to say this even if they don’t get a chance to see it.

In 2020 I pulled the engine out. I rebuilt it throughout 2020-the beginning of 2022. It was all done in my garage. Backyard built! It was a learning experience for sure. Lots of breaks and hiatuses. My mental health was pretty bad the start of 2021 so I took a break from everything in life. But I’m back, still learning more about myself and learning to love myself more. Lots of sleepless nights. Lots of hours spent reading the manual and old threads (sucks the pics are gone!). Lots of trial and error. Lots of people I’ve met along the way. Lots of smiles. Lots of frowns. Lots of oil everywhere lol! It’s back on the road as of April 2022.
This whole process taught me about the 7M, and mk2s, and other cars in general. It taught me I’m capable of learning about something if I put the time, effort, and dedication. But it also taught me why my dad chose to spend his free time working on his car. I understand the passion now.
Im 21 now. My heart still hurts about what happened. I wish he was here to see his project back better than ever. I never got the chance to say a lot of things. But I know he’s watching down and hears that 7M from up above.
Ive nicknamed the car “SEB 7M”. My dads name is Sebastian. So I think it fits!

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design Auto part

Cloud Land vehicle Sky Car Vehicle

Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Sky

Vehicle Car Window Motor vehicle Steering wheel

About the car:
Black 85
Mk3 dash and seats
Bc coils
XXR wheels 16x8
Q45 BBK conversion

About the engine:
Eagle Rods
Wiseco 83.5mm pistons
Clevite mains and rod bearings
ARP hardware
William B crossover pipe
Cometic 1.3mm MHG
ARP head studs
Stock head
New gaskets and seals
Shimmed oil pump (3mm)
Mk3 rad
Ford contour efans
eBay intercooler

4 puck f clutch (courtesy of Damon & Joseph)
eBay Chromoly flywheel
Stock Pressure Plate
RR clutch line

I think that’s about it. I have a bunch of pics/ videos of my progress. I have a couple YT vids edited but it’s just me saying “um” 100x. So they’re not public but I might make them public. Thanks for viewing!

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Hey this is Anthony, we met when you hooked me up with the rear seats. I followed your story on FB and saw the vid of the fire up with what looked like friends, family and corona's. I figured there had to be a huge driving force behind your build and there certainly was!

Car looks amazing and I know how hard it can be learning in the back yard like that. Awesome job man! I would love to meet up sometime and check out all the details on the interior and hear that 7m spool up 😎
Hey Anthony! For sure brotha! Hope your Supra is doing good. Did you happen to find a gas tank?
The car and I and some other Supra guys are going to Radwood Philly on May 21st. I think we might meet up somewhere and drive all together. I’ll send you the details as it approaches!

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Supra has become the 2nd wife.... so glad I have an open minded wife :love:

Gas tank is being restored at the school I teach at by the body shop. Its slow but they are making great progress... not to mention I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars plus shipping for another tank.

My main restoration thread is here: Rescue: 1985
Wow… amazing progress!! The Supra is definitely in great hands. Good stuff Anthony. You’re fast at working on it. Followed the thread 😎 That duplicolor stuff works wonders. The interior is coming out great. Do you plan on tinting the windows? For privacy but also to keep the interior fresh. Your hard work would be preserved. If you’re not keen on the dark windows they have something called Air 80 I think made by Llumar. Popular for windshield tint but any tint shop would do that on all the windows for you.

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I appreciate the encouragement and kind words!

I always tint my windows, if anything above (below depending how to look at it) limo tint. Military gave me a great parting gift with a light sensitivity. I know it will be a double bonus to preserve the vinyl. Wish I didn't have to since a true resto in prestine condition should be able to show off all that interior detail.
Ahhhh right on. I think the tints will compliment the black car. I was thinking about doing 20% all around and 50% on the windshield. But that’s later down the road

I’ll message you on FB about Radwood Philly. The guys I’m going with are all great people. There’s nothing but positive stuff to sayabout them. Even if it’s not in the Supra it’ll still bea fun time. Hope to see you there or even in general in both of our cars
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