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Desperate need for a hitch

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Im gonna kill 2 birds with one stone on this one. First...where in the world can I find a hitch for my 85 Supra. All I have found are for 86 and on. Even looked up a celica hitch. the late 70's poped up and then 86+. Funny thing is I need it to tow my Firebird to my new house. It is already hooked up with a tow bar and would be economically better than pulling the Supra with the Firebird. I have manufactured some brackets and fastend a tow bar on the firebird so there will be no weight ON the bumper of the supra. The only way I would be putting the full weight of the car is if I manage to back the Firebird off a cliff...and that isnt going to happen. If anyone has one they could part with....please do contact me at [email protected] . Next question would be...My mkII is badged "Handling by Lotus" I do know who Lotus is and figured the badge was a sweet thing to be showing off. My question is are such badged cars rare? I had a parts car and its suspension or drivetrain didnt look any different than this one.
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TMJay, Supras are only designed to tow 1000-2000 pounds per the owners manual.

If I'm reading your question correctly you want to tow your Firebird with your Supra?? The Supra frame, brakes, etc are not designed to tow that much weight, and the tow hitches for Supras are not rated for that much weight as well.

I would rent a 3/4 ton truck with a dolly to tow the Firebird.
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