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Desperate need for a hitch

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Im gonna kill 2 birds with one stone on this one. First...where in the world can I find a hitch for my 85 Supra. All I have found are for 86 and on. Even looked up a celica hitch. the late 70's poped up and then 86+. Funny thing is I need it to tow my Firebird to my new house. It is already hooked up with a tow bar and would be economically better than pulling the Supra with the Firebird. I have manufactured some brackets and fastend a tow bar on the firebird so there will be no weight ON the bumper of the supra. The only way I would be putting the full weight of the car is if I manage to back the Firebird off a cliff...and that isnt going to happen. If anyone has one they could part with....please do contact me at [email protected] . Next question would be...My mkII is badged "Handling by Lotus" I do know who Lotus is and figured the badge was a sweet thing to be showing off. My question is are such badged cars rare? I had a parts car and its suspension or drivetrain didnt look any different than this one.
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Someone took that badge of an AW11 MR2 and put it on your Supra.
I would think off an Isuzu Impulse, particularly if it's the 1/2" x 2" green one. Did the MR2 ever have a Lotus badge and I've just never seen it, or were you thinking of the Impulse? And technically, all MKII Supras can make this claim, although none came with a badge so far as I know.
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