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LMAO!!! i didnt notice the kill story section. Let me tell u guys all something...i loooooove the Supra! i havent even had mine for 2 months and i got a couple kill stories...lets start with a Contour SVT...

Pretty funny little brother called me up one night and said that if he didnt race them(he had a 89 escort gt) and win...they would beat him up and they gave him one chance to call someone....well he made the right choice. I pulled up in the Terra Cotta faided, exhaust hole filled, sounding like a V6 go cart, i didnt even talk, i just lined not too sure how fast i was going...but i didnt get a chance to shift into 4th and the speedo was barried, and was screaming like a they just kept driving down the road and my brother(16) and his friends were freaking out.

the other one would be a 96 Stang GT from a Running start. 3 kids were coming off an off ramp....with their new mustang(temp tag) and i was doing a good 70 and passed thing i know...they fly by i drop it into 3rd and i was off like a prom dress!!! when i hit 4th and cruzed by them...they werent too sure what was happening...than i just crused in 5th and i dont think they attempted to catch back up.

Im sure after the new dual friction clutch this tuesday....ill have a few more to tell.... :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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