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Hey guys

Wat is the deal with the differences in current prices for the mk2 and the mk3

I have seen some mk2's for 5500 and some mk3 's for 6000 maybe 6500

Is it just that a mk3 that is around 6K has major problems?

is that what is going on

Or is it more dependent on wat year of mk3, coz in some instances the mk3 can only be like 3 yrs younger than an mk2

Would appreciate your thoughts on this


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I checked this out on Kelley Blue Book.

To keep it simple, every car I priced was optioned with the following:

5 speed
97,000 miles (exactly as it popped up)
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Sliding Sun Roof
Alloy Wheels

The results:

$3,315 1985 MK II liftback (P Type)
$3,090 1985 MK II L Type
$3,715 1986 liftback (I assume the MK II P type)
$3,665 1986.5 liftback (MK III)
$3,665 1986.5 Sport liftback (MK III)

An '86 MK II is worth more than '86.5 MK III. Interesting....

I'd be interested to see what different zip codes would turn up for the same cars...

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I've noticed that the asking prices locally for mk3 n/a are very low compared to mk3 turbo and usually a bit lower than mk2s. Seems no one wants an anemic whale.

Phil D.

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I think the highest price car right now is going to be a nice MKII with a factory look 7MGTE conversion. The best of both.

I struggled with leaving my MKII stock, but the fun factor is worth a lot more than the collector value. I don't plan on selling it anyway, but I know I would get a lot more interest after the engine swap. These things were so well built, not sure they will ever be rare.

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the mkIIIs around here arent cheap, you can find a bargain, but even for a N/A in good shape your looking at a minimum of 5000.... people hear supra and see dollar signs...

the most expensive mkII i know of in alberta is an 83 with a 7mgte swap...7500 bucks, there are a bunch in the 2000-5000 range.

dohc82/40below.... you guys reading this?? its in calgary if you wanna look, go to and check in marketplace, like page two, the guy has it listed with a civic, 93 ish.

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The most expensive MkII that I have heard of in Alberta is the guy who showed up at our Spring Fun Run. He is asking $14,500 for a terra cotta 1983 from Florida w/ 36,000 miles. :shock: It's nice - but not completely stock even from the quick look that I took. I'll bet that it is still available.

At the other end of the scale; I saw an '82 in this week's Bargain Finder for $260 :!: The guy has a voicemail that won't let you leave a message - maybe it's a mis-print. UPDATE: I spoke w/ the placer of the ad. The are selling a BODY-KIT :roll:

I haven't seen too many turbo MkIII's for under $5,000 in the Calgary area - some up to $20K.

btw/ All $$=CDN $1CDN=$0.7059US

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Racefiend said:
In my area, you can find many turbo mk3's for 2-4K. I just bought an black 88T targa with only 130k, mint interior, and an exterior in need of a good buffing, with a BHG for only 1K.


If you happen to see something like that again, give me a holler. Imma start looking for a donor mk3 turbo 5spd for a super secret special project :wink:
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