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Disconnected speedo cause no Overdrive?

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I have an 82 supra auto with a digital dash

recently did a transmission swap and while i was hookinng up the cable, i must have pulled the speedo out of the guage cluster.

when driving the transmission shifts smooth up until i get to OD.
I'm stuck in 3rd.

Could the sensor in the guage be linked to my overdrive?

I bought a new cable, as mine did not have the retaining clip on the guage end (hence being pulled out), but i have not had the time to install it.

any thoughts, I'll be tearing into it soon, but i wanted a little bit of foresight...

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Not sure about the earlier autos, but I know with the later ones, if the temp sender is bad or disconnected off of the thermostat housing the trans wont shift into OD. It is designed not to shift to od while the motor is cold. When your car is up to temp, the green resistor should read somewhere around 200 ohms. When I swapped to standalone, I just placed a 180 Ohm resistor on the harness, that solved my OD issues.. Good luck and let us know how it turns out..
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