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Disposable cars

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Found this online at usatoday about the new it my imagination or are cars becoming more disposible?...imagine if our Supras were designed like this

"What do women want? Storage, parking, ergonomics and maintenance. Their design solutions led to some surprising features:

•No hood. The front end is designed as one large section, meant to be lifted only by the mechanic. The reasoning is women don't want to be bothered with maintenance, and the car is designed to be virtually maintenance free (oil change every 50,000 kilometers, or about 31,000 miles). When the car needs servicing, it sends a wireless message to a local service station, which will contact the owner and schedule an appointment.

•Storage space. The car has wide, gull-wing doors that allow easy access to the space behind the driver's seat. The rear seats are fold-up, theater-style, which allows more storage space. The emergency brake is electric, freeing storage space between the front seats.

•No gas cap. The car has a race-car-style fueling system in which the gas nozzle goes in through an opening with a roller-ball valve to prevent gas and fumes from escaping. Window-washer fluid is poured into a reservoir next to the gas tank.

•Easy to clean. The car has dirt-repellant paint and glass, as well as machine-washable seat covers. The seat covers and carpets come in a variety of styles for a customized interior.

•Easy to park. The car has a sensor to tell the driver if the car will fit in a parking space. It also can take over the steering to parallel park."
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scarletlizard said:
But they forgot the number one thing a women wants :
Her money is for shopping only didnt ya know
A-F**kin-men brother!!!!!!!!!!!
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