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Distributor caps

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Were all distributors for the 5MGE the same every year? The reason I ask is because I came across these 2 distributor caps that are supposed to fit 85 and 86 japanese supras(5MGE of course). Does any1 have a distributor cap like these on their car?
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I use the one on the left on the 86.
I think it was the 82 and 83 that had all the posts comming straight out. The 84-6 had some of the posts coming off the side like that. Either stlye will work there is no other differences. I prefer the one with them all coming straight out.
i bought a brand new toyota one, and it looks very similar to that that will work......
The strangest thing. I pulled a set of aftermarket plug wires from an 84 parts car with that style distributor cap. Obviously they wouldn't fit with the straight cap but I tried and couldn't get them to fit on another 84 with the same cap - a couple of them were too short. How they ever fit on the donor car I'll never know. I wound up buying an aftermarket dist cap $10 (straight style) and aftermarket wires ($26) that are too long (but they work fine). If money weren't an issue, I'd just go to the dealer next time and get both. I hate having plug wires that aren't arranged neatly.

Phil D.
does anyone make copper distributor caps anymore? i upgraded my ignition coil not to long ago and it seems to eat up that cheap shitty aluminum.
Havent found one yet for the 5M, I used to be able to get them for my celica 22r though.
Both 6mge's that I got came with the caps with posts coming off the side. I replaced them with 'normal' caps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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