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dont u just hate Stupid Drivers

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ARRRGGG i had a bad day today
i was bombarded by stupid drivers all day :evil: .
1. the people that dont use turn signals in heavy traffic.
2. the people that tailgate it seams like they want to crawl into my back hatch
3. people not paying attention talking on the cell phone and eating on a rainy day (it rained today). some dumbass almost cased an accident.
5. you come to a stop first and the the other person second and they dont stop they just totally roll by it like the law does not apply to them. :evil:
6. people in those BIG I FEEL SAFE S.U.V flooring the crap out of them like they own the road. some i saw today looked like they wanted to just run right over the car.

well all this just today most days i only see two or three of these morons but today was just way too much.

well drive safe, Laterz
zankone ---->just venting :!:
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I feel your pain. I commute every day in the bay area in CA. Used to commute 50miles to San Francisco. I deal with idiots on I-80 every day. I especially hate SUV's. I think they should make special laws for them. LIke:

They should be considered Truck class. You need a special liscense and you can only use the right 2 lanes on the freeway.

State smog inspections should include head light adjustment and tire pressure check (I see underinflated SUVs all the time)

All SUVs should be electronically governed at 80mph.

They should have to pay an extra "big ass vehicle" tax when purchasing one.

They should be required to watch "Red Asphault" at least 5 times before buying one.

Just a few ideas. SUV drivers flame on :D

Christian (SUV hater)
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damn SUVs

I agree with all of the above. What really scares me is here in Canada, SUV drivers think you can ignore the rain and snow and do like 140 all the time. They are always the first in the ditch when it snows here, but they think they all cool passing my Supra on the highway. Dangerous fools I think.
Good ole SUV drivers :roll: . I really like when they pull up so close you can't see the grille emblem. Of course when you let them by and do the same to them they get all pissed flipping you off, swerving side by side, and of course the old favorite slamming on the brakes. Although in due time most SUV driver try for the Darwin award. I've seen quite a few nasty accidents from dumb SUV owners.
I think people just have no idea they are driving a big car. I saw a suburban racing an excursion down the freeway a couple days ago. I almost wanted to pull off the road until one or the other rolled the damn thing. I think if you buy a SUV you should have to take a drivers course where they show you how easy it is to flip over if you drive like a nutcase.
SilverMk2 said:
Although in due time most SUV driver try for the Darwin award.
If I was going to try for a Darwin Award...

AMC Gremlin + large ramp + Grand Canyon = Darwin Award?

Some SUV (or Stupid Useless Vehicle) humor: and the Supra gets a mention on this one: list

Just thought you might find these sites as humorous as I do.
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:roll: Just had a guy in an Exploder try to run over my foot at Bank-After seeing me, He did run into Bike Path Entry Posts- :idea: Not A Drive Thru! :idea: -Hung out for couple of minutes waiting for cops, but had to go back to work-25 yr old Mexican Dude-When I lived in Spokane-we used to laugh at SUV drivers who never took Physics in school-Harbringers of Winter are 1 Vehicle Rollover Blazers/Sploders- :p
Well, this has become a vent about SUV's thread, so i'll join in. The best is when they are slammed and have big heavey systems added to them. Then they complain about gas prices. It's because of SUV's that gas is not avaible to the environmentally minded folk, and it's getting worse as manufacturers are in a Bigger is Better phase.
I hate girls who have other girls in their car while holding a cellphone to one ear, talking to their friends and trying top it all off with driving at the same time.

I don't mean to stereo type, but wtf is up with all the hongers and their talking. I mean, first, a phone is meant for talking, then they over use it, then they crowd up their phones with little toys.

I almost ran into one of these people who decided not to shoulder check while pulling off the curb from a parking, i was heading down at 55km/h and i had to swirve just to miss them. :mad:

Chicks + Cellphones + SUVs = bad combo looking for someplace to happen.

They just don't get it. "Blah blah blah" BAM!!!!!!

"Uh oh Cindy, I think I hit someone......" :bday:
SupraRacer007 said:

Chicks + Cellphones + SUVs = bad combo looking for someplace to happen.

They just don't get it. "Blah blah blah" BAM!!!!!!

"Uh oh Cindy, I think I hit someone......" :bday:
:lol: thats funny yet scary at the same time

its sad that i just happened to see that just last week.
I was filling up gas at a petro station and some woman driving a Ford piece of <insert bad word here> SUV backed up into some other guy driving another SUV. I was just pumping gas and I just stared and watched the whole thing. The guy who was hit came up to me and took down my name as a witness.

Funniest thing that day that happened was the woman walked out of her car and started bitching at the guy asking why he was there. Yet the guy was stationary all along...
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