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I feel your pain. I commute every day in the bay area in CA. Used to commute 50miles to San Francisco. I deal with idiots on I-80 every day. I especially hate SUV's. I think they should make special laws for them. LIke:

They should be considered Truck class. You need a special liscense and you can only use the right 2 lanes on the freeway.

State smog inspections should include head light adjustment and tire pressure check (I see underinflated SUVs all the time)

All SUVs should be electronically governed at 80mph.

They should have to pay an extra "big ass vehicle" tax when purchasing one.

They should be required to watch "Red Asphault" at least 5 times before buying one.

Just a few ideas. SUV drivers flame on :D

Christian (SUV hater)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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