After 10yrs of waiting, I've finally had the courage to face the Phoenix.
My rare 2P4 color code 84, which I bought in 86, was torched in a fire set at my shop in 2010, destroying priceless NOS Supra parts as well as 2 Supras I was restoring and badly damaging others, this one included. I knew that one day I would get around to restoring it to its original glory, so throughout all my years of working on these cars, I've stashed away countless parts but the spare doors I personally removed from a PnP in Texas in 2005 are just not up to par, and the hatch has developed rust over the past decade in storage that I don't want to deal with. I'm sure there are totally rust and damage free panels out there in someone's hoard, and although I know that shipping will be painful, hopefully someone will be willing to prepare them safely if I can't fetch them in person. Lmk what you have, and I'm happy to trade parts also from my 30yr collection. I'm near Toronto.
I expect to send this to the body shop in the next month or so, and I'm pretty excited to see it revived after all this time - it's a member of the family, and will be christened as the Phoenix when completed.