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jj2004 said:
dose anyone know if the door handles off an 84 or 85 supra will fit an 82 without having to change out anything inside the door? thanks
I have it on authority of a friend of mine that has or does own 4+ supras at any given time....

He said the way the handles connect and work inside the door is different, in a few words, no, they won't work. Physically, they will fit the opening though.... or so he thinks he remembers...


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I'm pretty sure the door handle itself will not work unless you change the insides of the door. I happen to have some '85 style door handles kicking around somewhere and thought about installing them on my '83, but it was a no-go. However, it might not be hard to change over the internals either, haven't really explored that option.

Let me guess... you '82 door handles broke off? Well, my '86 door handles broke too. I think they're both crappy design. I just JB Welded them back together and they work fine.

- Mike
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