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i was going to stay out of this but i had to throw in my 2 cens. first off hay thats grate your setup works for you but i can tell you with my 84 7mgte in the 12 second in the 1/4 i would be in the wall with your set up. ive had the car get out of shape at over 90 mph --- that shit is scary but i still have a good enough set up that i can stear my car at over 100 mph. i dont think any one is nocking you its just that when you get going faster it makes a big diffrence. but i think i will try out your 4runner stop block thing just for the hell of it i can see how this could help and not help so it will be fun to try it out. as far as lifting the front on lonch i have enough power to do that with out bad struts. still thats a dam good 60 ft i pull 1.7 on a slick.
btw that tire brand - tire size
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