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not to be a prick or know it all but just saying my opinion and what has worked for me. i picked up 2 tenths at the track on street tires with this susp setup. For the front I swapped on a set of old completely blown junkyard front struts with 4 drilled holes per strut to make sure the strut had no resistance going up or down. i removed my Tokico BLUE's and left my stock springs. By allowing the front of the car to lift up so easily it causes the weight of the supra to load on the back tires thus helping with traction if u can control the weight transfer properly. Now with my soft fron susp my rear end would squat to much (REAR Tokico Blue's and stock springs). When the IRS squats to much ur lose camber thus u launch on the inside edge of ur tire which i really noticed when i looked at my "walking burnout marks." I would only leave a dark 2 to 3inch patch. To fix this i measure on a alingment rack that the IRS can travel 1 3/4 inch with out losing camber. So i modded a set of 4runner bump stops so rear end can only travel about 2 inches then it bottoms out on the stops. Now the whole this in motion work better than i hoped. The front end lifts up at launch causing the rear to squat. Except rather than the it squat 2 far and lose camber it stop on the bump stops. This allows the entire weight transfer to "slam" the tires in the ground but with 0 loss in camber. I know can cut 1.8 and 1.9 60's ft at the track on NORMAL street tires. This is just the setup i found to work best launching MY car on the track and on the street. this is just my opinion... feal free to compliment or criticize
the car rides fine on the street except the front end is a lil sloppy.
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To say that handling doen't matter for a drag car is rediculous, cars get loose, and they can get loose anywhere on the track. You'll wind up in the wall if your lucky, if not in the other drivers car. Having no dampening will also give you hottible braking characteristics thus making the car even more dangerous either at the end of the track or if you have to shut down, brake to avoid the opposing car comeing over the center etc... To each his own butt I certainly hope that this setup is not driven on the street AT ALL.
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