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I do drag my supra as well. well not latily. been tweaking stuff and well I have to get my other diff rebuilt and a new rear tranny mount but either way I pulled [email protected] with like a 2.2 60ft on my 6M-GTE I could only wish that my 60ft's were down below 2 seconds. if I could get them down to 1.8 I'd damn near be into the 12's....

also how on earth do you guys get away with slicks? upgraded diffs?

ITSUKI Drifter said:
I am very involed in drag racing but my point is that the set-up is dangerous to my liking... I have a very torquey 6MGTE pushing my car to go tailwhip to the right during a hard 3K shot from the hole... I have been going to great lenghts on finding the ultimate set-up on drag racing... I am not that stupid to give that point withour considering that it is for drag racing use... I have a nice 70/30 front and still on the search for the rear... I have tried KYB gas-a-just which is just to stiff for it, while a set of monroe gas-matics and sensa-tracs are still too soft for my liking, the toyota factory shocks is also soft to my interest for it bottoms out like the monroe...

and also the point I am saying is a straight line set-up and not autocross

well it is good to know you are toyota tech and has achieved a low 14 1/4 mile run and that is running NOS and not turbo boost...I am coming from my car being boosted and runnning MT Indy profile S/S street slicks (26") and running low 13's on 12 psi
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