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Dragon Whiskers Sale

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Dragon Whisker Sale!

Featured items for sale:

Cold-cast brass Celica Dragon emblem $25

Polyurethane Whiskers
(L/R - clips included) $90

Tek Hood Stoppers
(set of 4) $40

Cold-cast brass 2.8 emblem $20

Cold-cast brass GT emblem $10

Carbon fiber steering wheel control console with quick release $130

Carbon fiber veneer for digi-dash
page 2)

Carbon fiber spark plug galley cover (currently out of stock) $75

*emblems include 3M VHB double-sided tape

Product Font Automotive exterior Musical instrument accessory Auto part

How to order:

All prices in USD. Shipping included (USA/CAN). Payment using Paypal.

1) Pm me with your wish list. Please include your email address in pm (for Paypal)

2) I will send you an invoice through Paypal.

3) Pay invoice securely.

4) You will receive payment confirmation with tracking info.

5) I ship out twice a week - Friday and Tuesday.

Sale during the month of February or while supplies last. More to come...stay tuned 馃

Product Font Automotive exterior Musical instrument accessory Auto part
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All orders have been filled and ready for shipping tomorrow.

Still got whiskers and some new ideas...stay tuned :cool:
Dress up your digital dash with carbon fiber :cool:

Black CF with TRD emblem ($150)

Input device Bumper Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior

Input device Peripheral Bumper Font Office equipment

Red CF/kevlar with cobb light strip and dc inverter ($175)

Rectangle Wood Hardwood Plywood Font
Hood Automotive design Input device Bumper Automotive exterior

Automotive lighting Bumper Rectangle Automotive exterior Gas

Dust covers included.
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...the early bird gets the worm :giggle:

Hope to hear more feedback once received.
I didn't get a hand written note. FROWN

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Just received a new batch of poly and some clips, ready to make more whiskers!

Shipping out Friday ...get your order in :cool:

Final countdown: Sale ends Friday, Feb. 25, 2022

Currently in stock:

Whiskers (6 pairs with clips)
Hood stoppers (6 sets of 4)

Dragon badges (limited - made to order)
2.8 GT emblems

Currently out of stock:

CF spark plug covers (I'm taking orders until Feb. 25)

I plan to make a 3.0 GT badge (from a JDM Soarer), but still waiting for the OEM part from Thailand to arrive. Let me know if interested and I'll pm you when they're ready, hopefully by end of the month 馃

In the meantime...

Font Rectangle Symbol Metal Signage

Ruler Office ruler Rectangle Font Material property

Anybody interested?

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Anybody interested?
Motor vehicle Rectangle Font Material property Gas

3.0 emblem ($30) : made to order until Feb 25 (time-sensitive material application)
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Here's a better look a the stoppers...OEM vs Tek

Automotive tire Camera lens Tire Rim Wheel

Circuit component Auto part Camera accessory Passive circuit component Font
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Dragon Whisker Sale ends in 3 days...

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Dragon Whisker Sale ends today!

I still have a few whisker sets, hood stoppers and Dragon emblems, plus some other carbon fiber goodies (see above).

Also, CF Spark plug galley covers are currently available, pm me if interested.

I will set up a link in my signature for any follow-up. Many thanks to those who have purchased my hand-made products... I trust they will serve you well :cool:(y)
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My whiskers and stoppers arrived a couple of days ago. They looks great. 馃憤
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Thanks for the whiskers! Good stuff!! Life saver!!!
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