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Draw thru vs. Blow thru.

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The other day I was reading an older copy od Sport compact Magazine, and the guy in it put a turbo on his early 90's SE-R sentra... The thing that struck me as odd was that he did it with a blow thru style set-up (i.e. the airflow meter was after the turbo)...

I was wondering if perhaps that would help with the fuel delivery at all, or if it was simply a matter of easier plumbing for a Fuel injected car...

and before it gets said, I know the term blow-thru is generally reserved for carberated forced induction, but it was about as close a term as I could find...
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fwiw, and i don't know much... on turbo dodges the original suck-thru throttle body absolutely fucking sucked. changing it to a blow through completely chagned how the car responded.
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