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Driver's School

The Wheel Source along with Passen Motorsports conducts a bi-annual driver's school. This year's driver school is October 4th and 5th. Go to the link above for the downloadable form. You get about six 20 minute driving sessions per day. You do not have to have a race car to participate. You can use your street car.

Date: October 4th and 5th
Location: Putnam Park, Indiana (about 45 min drive west of Indianapolis)
Cost: $275
Requirements: SA90 rated helmet, long sleeve cotton shirt, shoes with leather uppers.
Car requirement: Must pass tech inspections.

Information including hotel info are at the link above.

A road course is what the Supra was made for. You get to stretch its legs on the straights and hold on for the corners. No worry about the police pursuing you, when you get over a 100 mph on the straight.
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