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Drivers side wiper adapters

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I know that we all would like to be able to replace the drivers side wiper with just a quick cartridge change. The stock wiper won't do that so unless you change the arms with Celica arms what options do you have. I want to keep the original style but be able to replace them with cartridges so I modified my drivers arm to take an adapter for wiper cartridges. Here is what I did. Took about 20 minutes.

I tried it with a spare arm I had. I had these adapters already but I believe the are Bosch adapters.
I found these on Amazon.

Here is where I mounted the adapter.
View attachment 9167

You will need to remove these two rivets. I used a grinder and a punch but you can try to drill them out.

Rivet A.
View attachment 9169

View attachment 9173

Rivet B.
View attachment 9177

Gun Firearm Trigger Rifle Gun accessory

This pin needs to come out. I used a grinder with a thin blade but a saw might work. This is also the head of rivet A
View attachment 9175

With the wiper blade and blade arm removed you can see the other side to rivet B. You will need to remove rivet B now.

With the rivet B now removed you can take off one side of the channel off.

This leaves the other channel side. This will need to be ground off too.

It has now been groung off to be even with the bottom of the channel.

The adapter.

As you can see the adapter holes match the spacing of the holes on you wiper arm. They will need to be drilled out so a 1/8 inch pop rivet will fit.

You can rivet or bolt on the adapter either on top or underneath the arm. If you choose to do it on top I suggest grinding of the bottom of the adapter side to be flush. This will allow better mating to the wiper arm. ( It is what I did)

Finished product.

The second adapter mounts directly to the passenger wiper arm so no need to modify it.
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Pretty slick!

Is the adapter piece metal? It looks like it, but just asking to be sure.

- Jim
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