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Did my driveshaft support bearing today, a couple of things i found out that may help.

1, You do NOT need to remove the whole driveshaft to do this job. Jack the back up so you can rotate the shaft and undo the bolts, drop the rear section down and after taking the support bearings bouts out and the front section will slide out (manual trans)

2, The support bearing has huuuuuuuuge holes where the bolts go through that allow quite the range of movement, its very difficult to eye up the shaft on the ground and i was concerned that where the shaft wanted to ''settle'' would not be the straightest. So i used a construction laser level as a straight edge and sure enough where it settled was not straight. l also thing a motorcycle chain alignment laser could be made to work.

3, DO NOT tighten up the support bearing bolts up with a impact as it will 'turn' the support bearing, spanner, both sides bit at a time.

4, Join the shafts first, otherwise you may end up binding the bearing.

5, This is for horizontal alignment only, i want nothing to do with a 'vertical ' shim discussion, if i wanted to stir the pot i would start a oil thread ;)

6, Obviously, you have to mark and torque everything as you normally would


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