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Drove a MKII today....

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Sparky came down to my house for pizza/movie night with my nerd friends, and he let me drive his '85 P-type. Well.... compared to my car, wow! The 5 speed, 4.10s, and extra 15 horse make a nice performance difference, but what I really like was the handling! Anyone who's driven an MKI (Chris E) would know that they drive, well, like a touring car- cushy and soft. Hmmm well lets just say that I am now considering selling my car for a nice MKII...... :3gears: :mk2vroom:
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:twisted: I think we are going to have another mk2 member soon :twisted:
Ah..... Quite a difference huh????

Yep, whenever I get into my 85, I notice that handlingwise, I can push the car much harder than I can w/ the 81. When I get back into the 81, I have to remember to back off at bit. Takes a bit to get used to. :D

Yep, the MKI does have rather squishy handling, but it's not as bad as it used to be (thanks to the Tokico's). Now if I can just do something about the rest of the suspension....

Anywho, congrats for finally discovering what it's like to drive a MKII!!!!

Here's a funny/interesting question for the rest of you looking at this thread... Is there anybody else (besides myself) who has had the opportunity at one time or another to get behind the wheel of ALL 4 Gen's???? Just curious...
had a chance to drive 3 gens I-III, but there are few mkIVs in town, and i know no one who owns one.

mkII still my fave
Never driven a MK1 but i have all the others. Gota love it when they have an MKIV supra at the stealership and they let you test drive it
yeah, same here. Let me take your mk1 for a spin though Chris, so I can say otherwise :D

Oh, don't you mean 4.3? Or was it an auto or the diff was swaped?
Well, since Sam let me drive his Mk I yesterday, I can now claim three (guess which one I haven't; couldn't be a Mk IV now, could it?). The Mk I didn't feel all that bad, but was kinda stodgy in the corners (and that particular car really didn't have a lot of get up and go from a stop). It felt nice at highway speeds, though. The Mk II is just a fun auto-cross/windy road car. The Mk III I drove (87T) felt a big heavier in turns around town, but felt pretty good on the one speed run I got to make (0-80). Anyone up for letting me drive a Mk IV so I can round out my experiences? :wink:
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