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In the interest of research and preserving some history, it's time for me to make a thread about this.
A lot of people have asked me about this ducktail spoiler.

Short answer, I still don't know, not trying to gatekeep it lol
If you have any idea on history or photo material related to this, please add to the thread :)

Tire Car Sky Vehicle Cloud

context: I bought the wing in late 2020, it was sitting in an UP Garage for almost 4+ months until I shipped it internationally. It has since been reworked to mold to the rear face of the hatch. There was no trace of any stamping or embedded manufacturer logo in the fiberglass/resin. The finish (wavy as f) leads me to believe it really was an old cast, and I preserved it for that old DIY feel to it.

I've only seen this spoiler in two image sources (below) and one video source of it mounted on a z10 soarer. The image with the blue car was timestamped at 2017, and the white was on IG in 2019 but looks like an old 4x6 print.

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Attached below are the photos of it when it was listed online:

Wood Beige Rectangle Font Tints and shades
Wood Sleeve Rectangle Triangle Waist

Wood Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior Asphalt

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Bicycle part Musical instrument accessory

Triangle Wood Envelope Font Material property

Wood Musical instrument Bumper Line Flooring
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