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Dumb question

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Hey guys just bought my markII a month ago and I am getting the valve covers repainted. When I took off the air hose I ended up cracking some of the air lines that were connected to the duct. My question is are they supposed to be that hard and brittle? or should they be pliable and soft. It took me some time to wiggle and get them off without cracking them too bad. Also the valve cover gaskets were the same way. I'm used to gaskets being soft and mallable and not stiff anf unflexible. Is that normal? Thanks
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Which air hose is this??? Is it one of the little air hoses that connects to the valve cover, or are we talking about the giant intake hose itself, specifically one of nipple connections that is in the front????

If it's one of the small rubber hoses, they should be somewhat soft, but not rediculously brittle. If that's the case, then this is normal... Age & heat will harden the rubber hoses.

Same for the cam cover gaskets (the big rectangular ones & the small round ones that the cover screws go into), they should not be hard & brittle. If that's the case, you'll have oil leaks after awhile.

The rubber items for the cam covers are still available from Toyota. As for the air hoses, it can vary on availability.

Yea that was what I was looking for..I guess mine is just really bad because I live in colorado and the climate has really dried things up
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