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I was cruisin around Orlando last night with my friend Jeff, when this nice e30 convertable pulls up. It was lowered, exhaust, nice wheels, M-Technic package, top down, girl in the pass seat. Well since i own a e36 bmw i figured i would give the guy props on his nice ride. As i go to tell him nice car, both him and his girl start looking over at my car and start laughing....

So instead, i look back at the light, he pulls up a bit more to get about a fender ahead of me, light turns green, we both take off...

Bye first gear i had him by almost a complete car length, chirped 2nd hard in his face, and by 3rd all i saw was his tail lights. :twisted:

So we get to the next stoplight, neither him nor his girl would look over at us, they both just stared straight at the light. It's such a wonderful thing to make a guy look retarded with his girl in the car.

Oh yeah, my car is a 269,xxx mile 85 blupra with faded paint and a intake 8) .
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