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:D I got the supra out today, drove into Hot Springs to pick up some "stuff".
The a/c has once again dumped its charge, so the top was half back and windows 2/3 down, and I was doing some weaving to avoid sitting still in 90+ temp. I passed one of my friends in his S10 blazer(no problem there, but he got a "ringside" seat for my kill, I think he enjoyed it more than me). When we got into town we hit some traffic and I noticed a mustang about 6-8 cars back weaving in and out of traffic. When we got to a light I was the first car in the right lane, and he zoomed up behind me and cut over into the left lane even with me. When I looked over it was a early 90's mustang, had 5.0 on fender. The driver was probably 20 or so, and gave me "that" look then rev'd his motor up. My friend was right behind me.
:twisted: :twisted: I didn't intend to race him, but when the light changed the stang turned over his tires, and i saw a easy kill possibility. I took off hard but not hard enough to break loose the tires. I got up to his window in first, hit second got a little bark from the tires and passed him, in third I was pulling away, but I shut down at 55mph for speed limit. I guess that was enough for him. The stang pulled alongside, the driver gave me a thumbs up, I nodded to him and he turned at the next left.
My friend that was behind me races dirt track with me, and when we got to the store he was rolling on the ground laughing since the 5.0 got smoked by my 2.8, using only the first 3 gears and I didn't turn over a tire.
The absolute best thing was that I filled up after the run into town, and I had averaged almost 26mpg this tank.

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Good kill! Remember, its not always the car, its the driver. At least he admitted defeat and didn't ricer pass you.
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