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easy kill of an 85 celica

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hehe. i knew i would win, it was really no competition. my friend nick just found a really nice place to race. its around a quarter mile (it has to be). its really straight and level. and best of all is it isn't ever really traveled on.

anyway, so here it goes (this is my first try at posting a kill.) we both pulled in, and i just pulled up next to him. revved my engine. so he did hand signals. "1...2...3". i only launched at around 2k. so he kept up for a second. but once i hit second gear i just flew past and by the time third came around i was two cars ahead.. and then i could only see him in my rear view mirror.

it was nice. i got up to around 100. so i'm thinking the space was a little bit bigger than a quarter mile.

he said he missed third gear. as if that would have made a real difference. :roll:
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yah out here, theres a place where everyone races(or used to). its like way out in the country. the road is nice and wide, and someone even painted a start line and finish line. apparently its exactly a 1/4 mile. i dunno how much time these guys spent painting these lines cuz there like huge ones, they even look professionally painted :shock: but yah its a real nice place to race, kinda scary when your going 115+ mph in the wrong lane though. i've done that and im always scared there will be some idiot in the the lane with his lights off or something.
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