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It is a nice bar, BUT......

This guy (guru) posted here (on the CS.forums) about the bar about the month ago. And I alse put in a lengthy reply..... Like, Will it clear a Rabid Chimp intake (obviously now the answer is no..). And would it clear the top of the motor & the coil packs for those who have done a 7M-GTE conversion.... Or will it clear the IC piping for those who have done 5M or 6M turbo conversions????

Strangely enough, he never did reply back. :shock: :shock: I'm under the impression that this bar works fine IF you are only running a NA 5M or 6M, with the stock plastic intake piping (or some sort of modded metal intake piping). Sorry..... Based on his "lack of a answer" I'm not too impressed w/ this bar. Not everyone is running a stock 5M or 6M & this bar does not seem all that flexible.. At least w/ the LJM bar, it will fit & clear a 7M-GTE conversion, a 5M & 6M turbo, and the RC intake pipe.

And yes, this is NOT a JDM piece, this bar is something that he designed & fabricated. When I saw his original picture, I noticed how close the bar was to the tops of the cam covers by the #1 & #2 cylinders. That's why I asked if it would fit a 7M-GTE conversion..... Doubtful...... :p

Yes, somedays "silence" is golden.... :lol:

It's still a nice bar for it's intended purpose & design (based on rigidity), but I'm still slamming it for it's lack of flexibility for different engine applications.
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