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_HOT_M16 said:
Does the bar just touch the intake, or is it really really in the way? Ah, I guess I'm just a function over form kinda guy... Do whatever, just get that badboy on there. All I know is that when you get that car to the autoX, that tower bar is going to make one helluva difference as compared to a +2hp intake.

Viva La AutoX!
I agree with you in part (about function over form)...but, since I have the LJM bar on my car - I know from the design of the bar, the hyme joint doesn't allow any flex.

The bolt where it attaches is HUGE. There isn't going to be any flex in the LJM design - I'd be willing to bet on that. Plus removal because of the hyme joint is a breeze. Remove the lock-nut & bolt, swing the bar up and away. It couldn't be any simpler.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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