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dohc82 said:
I guess the bottom line is-am I happy with my purchase? Answer is YES :) It will work with my two piece intake, it will improve handling and it is different. I have been dreaming about an LJM bar since they were introduced but I never had the money when the purchases were happening. I knew I would have some car money in June and was watching the latest group purchase with interest but after doing the conversion to Canadian plus shipping and any duties it was still to pricey for me.. I found this one on Ebay with 4 hours remaining and jumped on it. It has nothing to do with the LJM being better or didnt even enter the equation. I hope they keep on making them until everyone has one.

That's all that matters Wil. I saw the bar also. I look at ebay almost every day just to hope that I come across something like that. I actually bought the hood struts that someone else had for $27 on Friday.
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