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I was up to visit the guys at CP Racing a couple of weeks ago. Great guys, really into racing in a big way.

The prototype was built on Rob's Euro 84 Supra. I informed them that Rob's car had no auto A/C so had no heater control valve on the firewall. I also told them about slightly different intake plenums on different years, and they wanted to see the differences. So, I took my 83 there along with an 85 intake plenum with the little fitting on the top of the plenum near the rear.
They did a test fitting on my car and made sure it would fit the 85 plenum as well. You will still need to relocate the heater control valve slightly in order to mount the triangulated bar to the pass side firewall. It should be a small price to pay for the added stiffness. Rob felt a huge improvement when it was put on his car. I'll probably be getting one for my race car soon.
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