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ECU Questions

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I got a Supra 5M-GE M/T ECU 22 pins (9 & 13, part# 89561-14130). Is this the early fuel injection one?

If it's the early ECU, can I simply attach it to a 5M-GE that used the newer fuel injection ECU? If not, what's different?

Is there a diagram of the ECU pinouts for this ECU on the web somewhere?

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I'm not sure about the part number, but does the ECU have only two connectors? If so, then you have an ECU from an 82. The 82 ECU won't work with anything but the 82 fuel injection system (EFI)
Correct! The 83 and up ECU's are microprocessor controlled (hence the name TCCS for "Toyota Computer Control System") The 82 ECU has the capability of controlling only the fuel injector operation based on sensory inputs. The 82 ECU can't operate or control an ISC valve or electronic ignition timing like the later model ECU's.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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