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Electrical Problem Mystery

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OK here it goes, ever since I reconnected the headlights wiring(red/white wire) somethings been making a wierd noise. The first time it did it about 30 seconds after the headlights were done it sounded like a wire got fried located near the firewall on the passenger side maybe behind the engine block cause I couldnt detect what was wrong. This happened after I tuned off the car. Before I put it away for the winter I drove it around and when I turned it off again it made more of a loose wire sparking sound for like 2 minutes long this time and i still couldnt find what was wrong with it. I once again checked all the electrical components still worked and nothing seemed wrong. This might not even be related to the headlights but that might of been the reason why the previous owner disconnected them. If anyone experienced this before or knows what the problem is please leave some feedback, thanks.
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