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Eliminate solenoid hack?

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Anyone tried this hack to eliminate the overdrive solenoid?

From Volvo forums - The hack to fix a broken OD solenoid (or broken control circuit) is to dremel grind a small groove between the center hole and slot on the bottom of the OD solenoid, and reinstall to allow fluid to move and disable the solenoid such that it acts like its always powered. You're left with a 4-speed automatic transmission - (OD) gear works normally, and you can dispense completely with all the other components (relay, shifter switch, wiring, etc.). Nothing left to fail. You merely lose the ability to manually downshift into third gear.
I assume it would work being the same Aisin solenoid used in the A42DL and A43DL

(A42DL): Use a Dremel 1/8 inch grinding tool (the metal is hard so you will use two) or a diamond bit. Clean the matching holes in the tranny using drill bits the same diameter, but don't drop them into the transmission. Replace the outer O-ring but not the inner where the groove passes through.

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That mod makes the pressure go into the valve body to make an automatic overdrive always ON.
There is a kit for that,too.

Pretty cool!
you're left with a 4-speed automatic transmission - (OD) gear works normally
What? Really? My A43DE 3 speed auto with OD will shift 4 times with this mod?

I would have assumed that it would behave just like having the button permanently on which would stress the diff. If it works as stated I am happily amazed.

Sorry, the a43de (electronic) doesn't have this type of solenoid.

Yeah Dave, I was thinking of either buying one of those plates or else get a new Volvo solenoid and swap the wires, but I really don't like the OD button ...I'll use that button for my ejector seat :laugh:
I did the O/D solenoid hack and it works like a charm 4spd a/t with no more button to push :mm_emthup:cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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