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All out drag MKI, or super fast driver MKII?

  • All out drag old school MKI

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  • Super fast MKII (kinda like everyone else is doing...)

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  • MKI drag car, and BPU MKII

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Engine choices for my Supra collection....

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Ok guys,.. here it is. I want to know what you guys think. SHould I turn my MKI into an all out beast with the built 7M, cage, gutted interior, and try to turn some near 10's (I have a 9' Ford with rear discs waiting to go into something, and it would be as easy as pie to put into the MKI),.. or should I put that engine in the MKII and be a crazy street driver that looks awesome and me have to worry about rear ends holding up all the time? (I do plan of fitting a R-154 in whatever the built engine goes in until I have my adaptor GM auto tranny with stall and trans brake created)

So basically the question is, should I build a nostalgic MKI that will destroy most MKIV's and whatever else is thrown my way. (Mustangs and stuff,.. you guys know ) ;)

Or,... should I build a MKII that I can drive, with a R-154 tranny,custom driveshaft of course,.. and try to be easy on the stock rear until I fabricate something for it? The MKII is in REALLY nice shape, and I'm kinda scared to take it to THAT level. I know a stock 7M with 11 psi is still an AWESOME car.

So there's my delima guys,.. help me out on deciding the fate of these vehicles... And thanks for voting. :)

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haha. Uh oh!

All out drag old school MKI
Super fast MKII (kinda like everyone else is doing...)
MKI drag car, and BPU MKII
Ya,.. I know! This is going to be a long delima.... :? lol

Go for the daily driver! I enjoy driving my Supra every day.

You have a PM... :D

A 7M-GTE MKI has been done already. Ask some of our East Coast member about the drag racing adventures Damon Saul has w/ his MKI.

I would put the 7M in the 86. Slightly better balanced motor for this car. But for a all out drag racer, a 7M MKI would be a interesting choice.

P.S. Last month @ the Supra Vegas meet, I finally got the chance to drive a 7M MKII that was running at 1.0 Bar (14.7 PSI). That is one wild Supra!! (thanks to James Sanchez, you need to get your butt here on the Forums one of these days!!).
Yes Chris Damon's MKI is a beast. The first year he had it at the Englishtown meet in NJ he was running low 13's at close to 110 mph. Traction was the big problem (one wheel spinning the whole way down the track). That car is instant wheelspin.

At last years meet he had a LSD installed looking for traction. However I don't think he ever got the car running right. Besides - the weather was lousy for drag racing (hot and very humid).

A sleeper MKI or breathed on's a tough call. I would vote for the MKI.

Phil G.
Traction probs. with the MKI

Oh dont you worry,.. I'll get it to hook. With a 9" Ford with disc brakes and some suspension tuning form a firend of mine that does ONLY drag racing suspensions. ;) I think I can have a MKI in the high 10's. Anyone want to see that instead of ANOTHER MKII Swap?! HMMM?!?!?! hehehe

Scotty :twisted:
I could see it now mk1 beats mk4 BPU+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ :twisted:
Poll results looking kinda like I figured...

Guess that does it for me. A BPU 7M-GTE for the MKII, and a Monster MKI drag car that I hope to get in the 10's and represent the boards with. With the mods I have put up and waiting, I should be easily around 350rwhp. And in a stripped out and hulled out MKI, it should be a beast! You know you guys have been a lot of help, and some of the most friendly and helpful people I've ever come across, especially when it comes to cars I have something in common with with you guys. I feel kinda proud of this messege board, even though I'm a pretty new member, I want to race that MKI with the intention of repersenting the MKI and MKII Supra community and this great bunch of guys I've already come to feel are my friends. Thanks to all, and any other help and advice will always be greatly appreciated!

Sorry, I can't get over the thought of some Mk IV owner watching the taillights of a Mk I pulling away from him down the strip. Be something like :shock: WTF!!!

That alone would decided it for me; I guess it also depends on what your daily driver would be if its not a 7M Mk II.
Smokin' Mk1!!!

Damon has run as fast as 12.87 at 108.66 MPH with a 1.89 60 ft time.
He's also run 12.92 at 110 with a 2.05 60 ft time at another track.
Stock Mk4's would be seeing his taillights all the way down the track on those runs.
On both those runs earlier this summer, he said he was taking it easy on the car, not really trusting the rest of the drivetrain to push it any further. So the Mk1 with 7M powerplant has the potential to go fast.

You should really talk to Damon, he could give you more info on his experiences with the Mk1.
Change of plans.....

Well guys, looks like theres been a change od plans. I got dibs on another '55 Chevy, so looks like I'm going to be putting all my speed parts on the MKII instead so I can drive it. The MKI will just have to wait for another day. So the MKIII will be put back together as a stock, slightly modded (turbo elbow, boost controller, good exhaust, etc.) and the MKII will get all the good stuff like my Lexus AFM, 550's, upgraded turbo, MHG, etc.etc. You know the works. I'm aiming at 350rwhp, and dont think I'll have a problem reaching it. I WILL be running an R-154 tranny, and WILL be creating a better solution for the rear diff. The car WILL be bullet proof before I will be satisfied with it, and I WILL be driving it to some of the meets as soon as it's built. I am looking for an '85 or '86 oil pan though, since both of mine are 83 and '84. I would just like that extra security with the deeper sump and the more area for oil on an engine like this. I may have to start with one of my pans, but I'd feel more comfortable with one of the newer pans.
Ya the MKI is going to have to be a back burner project, but I have to put priorities first. A '55 Chevy is worth WAY more than any Supra I own, and I'm an old Muscle head too. I cant let this deal go by. Any one of you who have ever dealt with older cars can understand the method to my madness! Btw, I'm going to post in the wanted section for the pan, and a front bumper, so check in there guys so I can get to work on the MKII asap! Thanks for all your help!

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