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Just bought a 91 cressida, The engine has a knock when rev'd up to 1200 rpms. At idle no knock. Question???? how do you know if its a rod or bearings. If a bearing, can it be changed with out pulling the engine??

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well i don't know how the cross member and oil pan are set up on a 91 cressida, but if your able to pull the pan from under the car you can check the bearings., however to check the rods and pistons you'll have to remove them to check them, if you dont' know how then its almost easier to either one buy a new engine, or take it out and take it to a machine shop. I had an engine knock, i thought it was bearings but they weren't damaged enough to cause that noise, took it to a machine shop and the piston to cylinder wall clearance was too great, so the piston was slappin around, but its hard to say whats going on when the engine is knocking unless u get dirty and go inside.

one thing you can try to do to see what cylinder its coming from is pull the plugs one by one and see if you can get the noise to change...that may put less of a load on the cylinder with a problem and make the noise go away..i don't know if that will work, but its a suggestion
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