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Engine/Oil Seals/Gaskets

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First a little background:
I bought my 85 sdr last june(88k miles) and i knew it burned a little oil. Not being very mechanicly inclined i knew it was going to be a learning task. I knew the previous owner and know that he did a tune up before he sold it to me so i drove it threw the summer.
Ok, flash ahead a year, i'm finally taking on the task of getting my engine bay up to snuff. RC intake pipe, replacing hoses, painting valve covers and such. Well it's still burning oil a little bit (white smoke on cold mornings) Upon inspection of the engine i noticed that my vavle cover gaskets/seals are leaking a good ammount down the backside of my engine.

1. can i get this gasket relativly cheap at say a pep boys/autozone?
or do you think i should go through a dealer?

2. is there a gasket set for the 5mge? like the whole engine? i know it's young mile-wise but i'd like to make it last the 277k miles that i've been reading some of you folks getting.

Thanks a bunch, all input is welcomed
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I don't know if Toyota sell a gasket kit for the MkII, but I have had good luck with Fel-Pro composite gaskets. I replaced the valve cover gaskets on my old 85' Thunderbird V6 with cork gaskets and they didn't last too long. The next time I tried the Fel-Pro composite's. They were much easier to install, and did a better job.

That is about all the experience I have with gaskets.

Let us know what you find.
an OEM gasket set (complete rebuild) is around $280. Napa sells Victor brand for like 180 and the Felpro kit is like $170. Dont quote me but I think they are pretty close. You should be able to get a complete rebuild kit from any autoparts store. They may have to order them though. you can get the head kit (hs8969pt2) for around 85.00 and if you ad the conversion kit (cs8969) for about 45.00 you should have all the gaskets you need for the engine. I am in the process of doing this. I have the cs8969 kit on order, but am told that the 2 of them together cover the gaskets on the entire engine.
Great! I saw that advanced had gaskets listed for the car (fel pro) but i figured i'd run it past the supra gods before i jumped on anything :wink:
Thanks a bunch 8)
toyota does sell a gasket set.. but i was quoted $320 for it. i looked around at a few other places, and was getting $200-$250 quotes. finally, upon asking if there was a complete master engine bolt kit, someone gave me a link to, i looked and saw a complete gastet set for $140.. $175 total with shipping(dont get overnight, it will cost you $20 cheaper and arrive the same time as ground shiping). ordered it, now im set, ive heard bad things about their cork oil pan gasket though, so i threw that away, and im gonna RTV my oil pan :)
FYI, you can get the Toyota engine gasket set for ~$225 from Jeff Watson.
The Head kit and conversion kit will not come close to what you need. You really need to get the whole rebuild kit.
If the two kits together contain every gasket needed, which I believe is what he was looking for, what other gaskets will he need, for the engine? Quoted from his original post "2. is there a gasket set for the 5mge?" I didn't notice where he wanted to rebuild...

The head kit (hs8969pt2) contains (going by memory) the head gasket, valve cover gaskets, valve cover grommets, cam seals (rear), cam seals (front), Cam tower gaskets, both intake gaskets, exhaust manifold gasket, tstat gasket, a large rectangle shaped egr gasket, the metal "O" gasket under the rectangled shaped egr, valve seals, gasket for the water tube that runs around the engine and to the water pump, the small egr gasket, rear main seal, gasket for the rear main seal cover, a gasket between the head and the tstat housing, the 2 exhaust gaskets from the manifold to the "down"pipe, the gasket between the upper (metal) timing cover and the head, and a few other gaskets that I haven't gotten to yet.

The conversion kit (cs8969) I believe comes with the lower timing cover gaskets (between the timing cover and the block), the water pump gasket, the front main seal, oil pan gasket, the seal between the plastic timing cover and the metal one. I'm not positive about this kit. I will know more tonight after I pick it up.

After I get home I will repost this with all the components from both kits.

Now if he wants to totally rebuild the engine that is definitely a different story...
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Sorry to confuse you guys. I do NOT want to do an entire rebuild. I'd prefer just to maybe do a top end re-gasketing :?:
I'd just like to get rid of the oil leak to be honest. I'll learn/do whatever you guys think it'll take.
I guess i'm pretty ignorant when it comes to engine rebuilds and such. I've done plugs, fluids, etc. before and put lifts in pick-ups. Never have gotten to the internals of a engine. Which is why i'm here talking to the "supra gods" :p
I went to a felpro gasket sight and was able to get a picture of all the gaskets in the hs8969pt2 kit. I hope the link works...

I haven't been able to find the other set yet...OK I found a site that list the parts of the second kit...not real sure since they list the oilpan twice, but...
Felixatvtc said:
2. is there a gasket set for the 5mge? like the whole engine?
Sounded to me like it was a complete rebuild.
CRF_Rider said:
Sounded to me like it was a complete rebuild.
Sorry man, i guess that comment was there as a last resort i would rebuild it. I'd prefer not to as my supra is my daily driver for the summer. I just want to make my engine last
Yea, if you arent doing a complete rebuild you should be fine with the kits Srider listed. Just use RTV on what you dont have.
CRF_Rider said:
Felixatvtc said:
2. is there a gasket set for the 5mge? like the whole engine?
Sounded to me like it was a complete rebuild.
If he wouldn't have said "gasket" I would have thought that...

I have the list, from the boxes...if you want to know what they contain let me know...
Wow, that's a lot of gaskets! Can you tell me what they are made from? Are they cork, rubber, synthetic? Do you recommend replacing any of these with FIPG or TRV instead?
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