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Engine rebuild kits - CANADA

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I am looking for Canadian suppliers of engine rebuild kits (rings, bearings, seals, gaskets) for the 5MGE. I know Canadian High Performance lists a 5MGE kit, but previous kits I've ordered from them seem to be essentially jobber kits.
They work, but I don't know if they are top-drawer stuff.

I also want to get a metal head gasket & ARP studs for a future turbo upgrade. Is there a Canadian supplier for those?
Or if anyone on the list has this stuff for sale, contact me.
Also looking for the turbo pieces; manifold, ct26 (or equivalent), down pipe etc.

While I'm at it, is there a W58 kit? ie new seals bearings, syncro's

[email protected]
[email protected]
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Turbo goodies

Hi there. I've got a couple turbo goodies for sale. Exhaust manifold $75, and a good turbo for $200. I also offer a 3" cat-back system for $425, plus shipping. Downpipe? I offer a 3" mandrel bent down pipe for $265 (you will need custom work to mate it to the 3" cat-back). This DP replaces the restrictive factory turbo elbow, and provides great horsepower gains. If you are interested in any of these items, or custom 5mge/6mge turbo oil line kits, please drop me a line. I can also get ARP head studs, and metal head gaskets. Take care, and hope to hear from you soon.
well, Aaron has the shit, but like has been stated before, it hurts paying 2 or 3 times the price for stuff.

depending how its sent (personal gift customs declaration maybe) it gets really pricy.
as i already posted on the list, sealed power makes a "masters" kit, complete rebuild kit, check out catalogue and NAPA or CT.
Rebuild Kit

I did a little on-line research and despite selecting CANADIAN sites only (my one major complaint with Google; that check box is F9&*Y^*g USELESS) I ended up with mostly US online auto parts sites (a lot of which were also useless).

It is also real disappointing how FEW Canadian retailers have anything beyond a 1-page ass-wipe of an "on-line" store.

When I did find the Sealed power kit, it was over $700 USD without pistons.

Thats ridiculous! This is a Toyota, not a friggin' BMW!

The search continues.....

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stop by a Lordco and see what they can get for you. Get friendly with the parts guy (not in that way :wink: ) and the price will get real reasonable real quick

It would have to be on a chat line...daytime long-distance is a killer, and we don' have no Lordco locally...

Thx Tho..
they ship, and I'm sure theres one very near you. They're all over BC. Just about every small town has one.
best deal so far

Best I've found so far is CHP $390CDN for kit with Hastings rings, Cleavite bearings, & Victor gaskets. Anyone have any comments on these brands?

Engine rebuild

Lucked out on ARP & the MHG (Burnaby A/P).

Just contacted Aaron to hopefully scoop the turbo & exhuast manifold. Should be able to start re-assembly in next 2 weeks.....

(soon to be "extra supra wow turbo guy")
he wants you to get friendly ;)
Re: best deal so far

kjurkic said:
Best I've found so far is CHP $390CDN for kit with Hastings rings, Cleavite bearings, & Victor gaskets. Anyone have any comments on these brands?

clevite 77 is great.
friendly - huh,,,,,huh,huh,huh,,,huh!

whaddyer expect from a POST HO from Vancouver :lol:

these are the sacrficies we must make for cheap parts :ghey:
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