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engine removal

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do you have to drop the steering rack and pinion to remove the engine and transmission as one unit??
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wow that has got the be the smallest answer I have ever given :p
Not at all I didn't pull mine that way but I put it in that way took me about 10 mins to set it in and have it bolted up. That was so much easier then having to unbolt the tranny. if I ever have to pull the motor again I'm going to pull the transmission with it even if it doesn't need to come out.

Good Luck

without a load balancer, suprafiend and I really, REALLY messed up the front end of a parts car pulling the engine and transmission as one. you've got to be really careful. Honestly, i'd just take the extra 15 minutes to unbolt them and pull them separately.
well if I were to ever do it as one again, I'd drop the ac condensor first, and remove the front crank pulley, then it would be possible to remove them both at once without seriously damaging the car like we did. Definatly safer for your paint and body if you disconect them though. Obviously the fan and rad have to come out
If you use a load balancer and raise the rear of the car the tranny and engine comes out pretty smooth, but if you can not tilt the engine it can be a bit of PITA. Also be careful when trying to clear your rack because you can damage the hard lines on it. Hope this helps you.

The secret I'v learned is to raise the rear end of the car on jackstands as high as you can go realizing that as the weight of the motor is lifted off the mounts, the front end will rise as the springs are unloaded. If you can get the angle of the car steep enough, you can literally lift the engine to clear and roll it out, hoisting again to clear the tailshaft.

Phil D.
pdupler have you done a 7mgt swap? I am getting ready to for my 83.
im in the middle of it and so are a couple other guys. where are you located?

I think its pretty tight. If protecting your paint and not dinging your tranny tunnel or rad support is a concern for you I'd recommend removing the tranny first.
I thought it was pretty easy to remove the engine and trans with the rack still in the car, even without a leveller. You've just got to go slow and watch what you're doing. All the bolt that hold the trans are kind of a PITA to get at with the engine in the car. Of course the easiest way to remove the engine is like I did in the parts car, remove all the front end junk and chuck it and cut the top span out of the rad support with a sawzall :)
we were considering that, didn't have a sawzel or my grinder there though. Yep, definatly doable with the crank pulley, ac, rad and clutch fan removed, even without a load leveler. Just be real carefull.
SilverMk2 said:
Of course the easiest way to remove the engine is like I did in the parts car, remove all the front end junk and chuck it and cut the top span out of the rad support with a sawzall :)
Yes, this makes it a lot easier! I did it that way with one parts car.

With another parts car, I left the motor sitting on the front crossmember, with the steering rack, front suspension and wheels still attached. With the help of a friend, we lifted the front end of the completely stripped car chassis over the motor & tranny and rolled it out of the garage on the rear wheels like a giant wheelbarrow. That way I could move the engine around in my garage on the front wheels. I wheeled it to the back end of the garage and still had room to park a Supra in front of it and close the door!
pulled out the engine this weekend... left the steering rack problems what so ever...just have to be careful of the racks oil lines as you glide the engine by them but they are no real threat...
well, i managed to pull two engines and trannies by myself.... all it took was a 20 dollar load leveler, and raising the rear of the car up.

it was well worth the 20 bucks... if anyone in canada has access to a princess automotive parts place... GO get one, even if your not going to use it any time soon.
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