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It all started after I filled up with gas 2 days ago. I got it from BP, like ussual, Premium, of course. My current motor, 6m, has fan PERFECT since I got it running. about half way home (30 min drive) when I left a stop sign going into my favorite set of curves the car seemed to just die at 3000 rpm while I was moving, but push in the clutch and hit the gas no problems at all. I talked to my dad, no idea, and my brother, which had the same prob with his Stang, and he suggested a fuel pressure reg, would a fuel pressure reg help? Just dirty gas? Bad injectors? The only excuse dad thought of was that my open element air filter (from was letting too much air into the motor and it wasnt getting enough fuel, but that doesn't sound too convincing. little more info, the car will go past 3000 rpm but the accelerator has to be pushed in very gently or it starts all over again. Im gonna try some of that Heet stuff, just in case its water or something in the gas.
Also, is it possible to somehow bypass the EGR on the 6m intake? Cuz I'm running my 6m with the stock 82 intake, and I figured the newer intake would give me more HP, not to mention it looks a lot better too.
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