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what engines can replace my 22re in my 85Celica Gts that will fit and can be handled by my current drivetrain.

would a V6 supra fit or an inline 6 from Cressida?

can anyone help me clarify...
mk1 is 86 -88 mk11 89-93 mkIII 93 - newer

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the engine in the cressida and the supra are one and the same... they are both inline 6's.

and i don't know where you got that generation information, but it's all wrong

mkI is 79-81 (i think)
mkII is 82-86
mkIII is 86.5-92
mkIV is 93 and up

oh, and the 22re is a rock solid engine, have you looked at performance upgrades for it first?

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Any engine if you are willing to do the work will fit in any car. IMHO the best engine swap for a celica would be a small block V8. If you want the I6 I would just trade up to a Supra.

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slip, I think he's talking about cressida generations. In which case he's still off. I think its something like...

mk1 -84 ( think they started around 81, 80 here. I belive there were earlier generations elsewhere)
mk2 85 to 88
mk3 89 to 92 or 91? The first GS300 sold here is a mk4 cressi, the mk5 started around 99 (give or take a year)

They were all inline 6s. The V6 is the classic non car guy supra/cressida owner mistake. 30 percent of the supra buysell adds I see here say v6, about 75 percent for the cressida ones :lol:

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Prior to 78 they were called MARK II Crown/Corona "not mkII-MARK II"

Very tough in the parts bus. Most guys call them coronas or crowns,interchange computer does not know about those designation.Must ask for MARK II or you get :wink:

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SupraFiend said:
The first GS300 sold here is a mk4 cressi, the mk5 started around 99 (give or take a year)
Actually the Lexus GS series is based on the JDM Crown, not Cressida. The first GS300 had the chassis code JZS14x.

S chassis = Crown.
X chassis = Cressida.

The "Mark II" badge lives on in Japan with the current X chassis cars, but they've long since dropped the "Corona" part.
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