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Epsilon rim questions

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i have a set of Epsilon rims on my supra but they have a 14in rim on them. i love the way they look but i want to see if i can make them into 16. does anybody know were you can get them made. thanks for any help.
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I think it would be difficult to make your wheels into 16" wheels because the centers probably would be different in sizing. Epsilon is not in the US market anymore, to my knowledge, so parts would be tough to find too.
Maybe you will have to look into some other aftermarket wheels, cost some $$ though. Bunch of guys are happy with the Compomotives, I think around $1600 a set.

Don L.
'84 Supra
You can get unfinished hoops from other manufacturers and fit them yourself to your centers. I did it, look at my '84 with 16s on my web site and then they magically become 17s on my '85.

It could be a lot of work if you don't know what you are doing. I have some rim halves for such projects stored in my garage.

Maybe a group buy would be a good idea, you're not the only one asking about this.
what is the size of your center rim peice? mine is about 12in, and 10.5in for the bolt pattern. were did you get your hoops from and how much did they run you, and how hard was it to do? thanks for any help.

To size up the hoops and assemble them is not hard, just common sense that's all. You will need the services of a michine shop with something like a water cutter to cut the center hole and you can drill all the mounting holes and valve stem hole yourself if you have big enough drill press. Just use the centers as templates. If not get the shop to do that as well.

I pmed you.
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