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Ever seen a MKII do a wheelie?

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Now you have. 8)
Thats powered by a turbo 4cyl by the way. Fastest four in europe as a matter of fact.
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What 4cyl motor is that? The same one in the 7 second fwd US celica's?
Nope, not the 2zz-fe.

Old school 18R-G power. 8)
Copy Paste into location bar :roll:
Andrew said:
Copy Paste into location bar :roll:
wtf is with the rolling eyes nonsense? Someone posts a link, and I am going to click it.
Notice to all, to be able to link a pic from geocities, change the file type to a .txt(normal re-name). This "tricks" it and allows outside linking.
so you change the file name in the link when you insert it into your post, correct? good to know.... thanks!
not quite, actually re-name the file before upload to a txt file.

for example:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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