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Everyone else does it....

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OK, I was messing with the camera this afternoon, and figured that since everyone else does this angle, I might as well, also....!

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sweet angle, paint LOOKS damn awesome!!
wow great picture, very nice supras, i wish i had a camera that i could take pictures of my supras mine dont' look that good though.
Beautiful car Bob....paint looks gorgeous! No wonder you wanted to get your hands on that Canadian car so badly.

I bet the Compomotives look sweet on it too. Nice work sir! :wink:

The Canadian Redpra does look good in person!! I was highly impressed when I saw it in Vegas this year. Wish I could have seen it, before the repaint!!!!

Other than the nose bra, our cars (from the outside) were practically identical, so we may have confused a few peeps at the meet this year. We both have the same paint, wheels, tires & exhaust. You just had to look carefully for the subtle differences. Have not seen the pictures yet, but I heard that quite a few peeps took pics of us, when we were drag racing together at LVMS & we were both at the starting line.

Yep, this year, the Bobsy twins turned a few heads @ Vegas. :shock:
Great shot! What really makes it for me is the other MKII in the background!

just what makes the MK2 so damned sexy from that angel, huh? You cant get a bad shot like that!

Oh, btw... love the pic =)

Thanks, guys....much appreciated!

Chris: I really want to see those pics of us at the drags!! SupraNick of SoCalSupras has a video of one of our runs, as well - I'm waiting for him to post it.

-- Bob --
nice pic, and i really really like that angle when the front wheels are turned out so you can see the wheel
yummy... :)

guess ill have to post my sidelong shot.
that is nicethe paint lucks so lush.........wish i had my car that shiny, instead its RUSTY BROWN-it needs an appointment with the body doctor :wink: -§hadow
I want that pic to be in the calender! Make sure that Malloy receive that pic. Beautiful angle of pic and cars, too. 8)
want that pic to be in the calender! Make sure that Malloy receive that pic. Beautiful angle of pic and cars, too.
Thanks for that, much appreciated....I'll be happy to send him a copy if he's interested. The only problem is that it's a portrait (vertical) rather than a landscape (horizontal) shot....might be kinda tough to put in the calendar that way!

-- Bob --
yeah it was the same thing with my shot from that angle, wouldn't fit...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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