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If you have any questions about these rules, CONTACT ME BEFORE you post a thread.

1A: Thread Titles:

Make your thread titles clear and ALL For Sale items are in the same thread. Please be at least somewhat descriptive in the items that you are selling/wanting/trading. This will make things a lot easier for everyone when they are browsing threads. Please note that there are separate forums for For Sale, and Want to Buy / Trade. In the Want to Buy / Trade forum, prefix you thread title with "WTT:" AND/OR “FS:”. Place your CITY and STATE abbreviation IN the thread Title.

1B: Thread Content Requirements:

Cars For Sale: Full Description, Contact Info, Pictures and Asking Price ARE REQUIRED
Parts For Sale: Contact Info, and Asking Price ARE REQUIRED - Pictures Recommended
Parts Wanted: Contact Info and detailed description.
Parts WTT: Contact Info and detailed description. (See Car/Parts for Sale Above)

Failure to include the above info will result in removal of your thread.

1C: User Information:

You MUST have your location in the thread topic! If you do not have a location somewhere for people to find it, your thread WILL be removed. Please post how you would like to be contacted. If you want to be contacted via Email, please post saying so, etc.

1D: Items for sale:

Please remember that this is a board for TOYOTA CELICA SUPRA (MKII) OWNERS. Stick to selling parts that are applicable. As an example, posting brake pads for a 94 Honda Civic or selling your 89 Integra are not allowed, unless of course they somehow relate to the MKII, ie: they are considered a replacement or upgrade part. All Parts must be listed in one thread over a reasonable amount of time. Occasional new threads will be allowed. As a general rule, if you have a For Sale thread on the first two pages in the For Sale forum, update that thread.

1E: Types of Ads: is NOT an auction site. When you post an item for sale, post an asking price, if you are negotiable on the price, say so, but at least give people some sort of idea as to what you want to get for it. There is always room for haggling about price later, posts with a "make offer" for sale will be removed. If you want the highest bidder, post the item on eBay as an auction. Details of a deal should be done in PM's or Email. Feel free to post links to eBay auctions however you must list the "asking price" or BIN (Buy It Now) price.

1F: Dibs:

Calling "Dibs," is not allowed, period. Dibs posts will be deleted, and the poster may be contacted by a moderator as to why their post was deleted.

1G: Bumping:
Don't post "free bumps" for people in their thread. If the seller wishes to bump up their thread, they can do it themselves, with more information about it, price changes, or what have you. If you have something good or negative to say about a seller, do so in the Buyer / Seller feedback forum, that's what it's there for.

1H: Potential Buyers et al:

The For Sale forum is not for tech info, chatter or ANY off topic posts. Posts not adhering to the rules will be deleted immediately. Post ONLY if you intend to buy the part/car that is for sale. Consider, when you post that others may not contact the seller, and when you tell them you can pay next week or month you leave them holding the part for a period of time.

See Below: K,D

1I: Businesses:

Shops and businesses (large and small) are not permitted to post items for sale anywhere on unless they have become a Vendor and are in good standing.

1J: Limitation of Liability:

By making any type of transactions on these forums with any person(s), you release all liability of's owners, staff, and/or members for the transactions made on these forums.

A We reserve the right to exclude any individual from selling anything on a case by case basis.

B: You must post pics of the items you have for sale. Not providing pictures will result in the thread being locked/deleted/hidden until pictures are produced. The only exception to this is if you are parting out a car. We dont expect you to take a picture of every little part, but in this case, post a picture of the parts car you are parting out. If you need a host site, is easy to use. If you post up something to the effect of "Email me for pics", then the thread will be deleted. If you arent too lazy to email pics, then you arent too lazy to post up pics. See THIS THREAD for help posting pics to the forum.

C: We ask that you state what payment methods you prefer. People will want to know, so please state if you take checks, money orders, pay pal, cash, etc. *Although we don't need to tell you, it isnt wise to exchange cash unless its face to face*

D: No more bulking up threads with clutter. This has got to stop. No more "man, I wish I had the money!" "Man, that's nice, good luck!" "Bump" "Where were you 3 weeks ago when I needed one of these?" If the post isnt directly related to the item for sale, then it will be deleted. ***If the seller wishes to bump their own thread, thats fine.

E: We ask that the seller's include thier full name and email address in the thread. Failure to due so will result in the thread being locked/deleted/hidden.

F: If you are selling a car, we ask that you include a minimum of 3 pictures; interior, exterior and engine. People want to see, so show them. For more details, read "B" again.

G: Absolutely no more ebay ads. If you are selling something that you have on ebay, then offer it here for whatever buy it now price you are asking. There are to be no "I have *xxxxx* on ebay, here is the link."

H: Do not post items for sale that arent yours, meaning, don't sell something here for a friend of yours, or your brother or sister or whoever. If it isnt yours, dont sell it here.

I: Seller must state where they are located in the thread. (City and State) or Equiv if outside the US.

J: If you have more then one item for sale, list it in ONE thread. Please don't make 5 different threads for 5 different items. If you have new items, add them to your original thread. If you can't figure out how to, then ask a mod. The problem we have as the staff is trying to merge threads that already have replies in them. It cant be done with out making a huge confusing mess. So the easy way for us to handle it is to start deleting these multiple threads. The easy way for you, as the seller, is to make just one thread for all your goods.

K: Bumping old threads has to stop. We offer you, the member, a nice feature, it's called the PM system, or Private Messsage system. This unique and handy feature allows you to contact other members of this site privately. So, for example, say you find a part for sale in a thread that's 6 months, 12 months, 2 years old, DO NOT bump that thread and ask about it, instead, take advantage of our exciting PM system and PM that seller and ask them if the item/car is still available. Who knows, you may get lucky and they have it. Then again, they may not even be on this site anymore. If a thread is over 60 days old and it gets a bump, the thread will be locked, and you may very well be taking some time off of If you have the patience to SEARCH for the threads, then you should have the patience to not only PM the seller, but READ THESE RULES...

L. NO FEELER THREADS... Not in the forsale sections... If its NOT for sale, dont post it here, if it is for sale, then its not a "feeler" thread... If you post a "feeler" thread, it's getting deleted...

Please read and follow these rules. We may be adding more rules in the future, so please be aware. If one of us locks your thread, we will post why we did, and feel free to contact us to resolve the issue. The staff is taking its best efforts to help protect this community and to ensure that the transactions made here can continue. Please remember that selling and buying here are a priveledge and not a right. When we make these rules, we ask that you follow them, they are here to protect not only the buyer, but the seller as well. But the staff also ask that you use common sense and be vigilant. If something doesnt "feel" right, then say something. We also invite the members to use the "Report Bad Post" feature when you find members in violation of the rules. Please don't attack a member who is in violation, just let one of us know, and we will take the appropriate steps.

We hope that you all enjoy the Classified sections of and wish you all good luck on your current and future transactions here.
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