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I met a couple cool young dudes today sporting an '85 300ZX.

We had fun talking about their ride, it's a beauty, they have a right to be proud. I used to have one and wondered how it would match up to my '82. Well, today I had the opportunity to put these two to the test... 👍

Nearby is a long curve leading to a steep uphill highway on ramp with extended right lanes, a good place to open up without worrying about speeding. I challenged them to a pull.

While true they had a passenger, both on the twisty on ramp and uphill climb, Supra was clearly the winner. It's always a hoot having a vintage car race!

I've done the same pull between an '82 and an '84 Supra, and the few extra ponies in the '84 makes all the difference (stock, that is ;) )
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