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Baby's shoes are now freshly polished topside and awaiting new soles. I know several have recommended the Falkens but I'm missing some info on them for the final comparison - tread width.

Tire Speed UTQG TreadWidth
Falken Ziex ZE502 H 420 A A n/a
Sumitomo HTR4 H 320 A A 7.2
Dunlop GT Qualifier T 440 A B 7.2
Yokohama Avid S/T T 420 A B 6.8
BF Goodrich TA S 400 A B 7.2

Also, I wish I could find out the makeup of the various tire compounds. I really hate getting that shock when you get out of the car and higher carbon contents dissipate the static buildup better. Any info on compounds out there?


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The tires act more like an insulator and you get zapped when you get out. If you have this problem you could always get ones of those straps for under the car. I've never had a problem with this in a MkII but I damn near get electrocuted getting out of the Solara everytime. I think its the upholstery myself. I never seem to get around to doing the grounding strap on that cars.
Don't forget the Pilots as well. Nice tires, but pricey. The last 3 tires you listed really aren't performance (or even sporty) tires.
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